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Miraflex and Flex Frames

Following the acquisition the Miraflex name, and the subsequent shuttering of the factory by Essilor, independent Miraflex distributors worldwide have collaborated together and moved forward with a completely re-designed Flexible and Safe collection re-branded under Flex Frames. As we replenish our stocks, you will begin to receive these new versions.

This next generation of our Flexible and Safe Collection is a vast improvement over the originals. The raw materials are manufactured in France and the United States.

Visually identical at first glance, the new versions are produced with a proper, deeper eye wire groove, and will now hold up to a +/- 28 RX, including prisms. You will no longer have any need to massively oversize the lenses, or to use formers. Just trace and edge. Those who have already received the new versions love the upgrades and the subtle design changes.

We have also added new colours into the Flexible and Safe collection that are photo-sensitive, and change colour in the sunlight. The full catalogue for the Standard Flexible and Safe collection be seen at flexframes.net

Additionally, our new Bold Collection of “virtually indestructible” frames for older kids has just launched, with 8 models; each available in 3 sizes and 12 colours! The new raw material also allows for fantastic colours.

This collection competes very well head to head with what the other kids suppliers are currently offering, albeit in higher quality and at a more reasonable price point. An online catalogue will be available shortly.

Bold is also viewable on flexframes.net

Controlling these collections going forward has allowed us to extend a 2 year warranty on all frames.

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Products will be added to this category shortly. Please check back for updates.

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